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Solarvibes is an Ag-Tech startup formed with an ultimate goal to empower farmers with world’s most powerful soil and crop analytics. We help farmers with valuable insights about their soil and crops with our smart sensors to avoid losses and increase their profits.

What we do?

At Solarvibes, we have developed the Agrimodule Smart System. This device can be installed in any farm and controlled remotely. Taking advantage of digitalisation, our IOT based smart farming solution helps farmers measure, analyse and operate based on the crops requirements. Agrimodule can form a network of sensors depending on the size of the field. It can be monitored and controlled at the touch of your fingertips using our mobile application in any desired language.

To Empower Farmers & Lead the Transition Towards Tackling One of the Biggest Problem of this Century;

"Energy-Water-Food" Nexus.

Who we are?

A bunch of innovative engineers, agronomists, designers and developers passionate about good food. We strive hard with a vision to make technology accessible even for the remotest farmer in the world to produce organic and healthy food without disturbing the ecological stability.

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Swathish Ravi

Co-Founder, CEO

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Carlos Rosas

Co-Founder, CTO

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Takahiko Okada

Cloud & Backend Engineer

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Roshan Gore

Soil Expert

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Abhilash Veera Pydikondala

Finance and Business Analyst

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Becky Onyango

Sales and Business Development-Intern

  • Supported by

    This project is funded by KATANA (Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sector, Horizon 2020 project No. 691478), under the funding framework of the European Commission"