Our Product

AgriModule is a solar powered smart sensor supported by robust machine learning software. This device can be installed in any farm and controlled remotely. AgriModule's integrated AI helps farmers plan, manage, operate and apply lean farming and best practices in agriculture. AgriModule's help range from crop timing plantation to post-harvest and bale operation and planning, from crop planting rotation to soil long term fertility planning, from preventive pest attack and disease outbreaks to soil infections, and many more. Subscribe to keep farmers up to date.

The best & most intelligent farm assistant a farmer can ever hire.

Smart Crop Intelligence

The most intelligent farm assistant farmers will ever hire. The best agriculture cultivation practices and knowledge at the hand of your fingertips. It makes precise calculations based on real time and historical data using which farmers can get the best output out of their farm.

Agrimodule Smart System

Agrimodule How it works

Stay connected and monitor your crops 24/7.

App mobile

Receive real-time data at your finger tips


Control your farm & pump remotely

Agrimodule is solar powered

Solar Powered

Fully and completely wireless

Fully Wireless

It takes 5 minutes to install

Easy Installation

Agrimodule comes in different sizes to adapt it to your farm’s needs.

Agrimodule for crops roots different sizes

What Agrimodule Measures

Solar Irradiation

Solar Irradiance

Air Temperature & Relative Humidity

Air Temperature & Relative Humidity

Soil Temperature & Moisture

Soil Temperature & Moisture

Soil pH & Nutrients

Soil Nutrients & pH

Our Services

Best farm assistant and a powerfull and intuitive graphical interface that allow farmers to monitor, plan and control their farm’s fate.

Farm Overview


Crop Analyzer

Discover your soils true potential and increase your gains using it

Health Analyzer

Your perfect crop doctor who protects your crop in one click


Crop Planning

Outstanding farm manager to assist you in every step of the cultivation

Pump Remote Control

Control and automate your irrigation system from anywhere


Fair Market Community

Buy the most soil and crop friendly products and sell your crops at best prices

Customer & Social Benefits

AgriModule not only gives a hand to farmers with planning, managing and operations, but educates and empowers them to learn lean and more organic farming techniques and deepens agricultural knowledge for best practices resulting in the use of less energy and water consumption, the protection of soil fertility and ground water resources, as to the production of better crop yields.

AgriModule's unique algorithm can control your pump efficiently to reduce energy needs in the irrigation system.

Reduces farm energy needs

AgriModule's built-in artificial intelligence not only reduces water consumption, but helps farmers to use better practices in agriculture to reduce agrochemicals & fertilizers to protect water reservoir from agrochemicals ground filtration.

Protects ground water reservoirs

AgriModule's helps farmers to worry less about operation tasks with the help of our smart crop intelligence AI, planning days will be less stressfull

Eases farm operations & reduces labor

AgriModule's smart crop intelligence helps farmers to use best practices practices to increase crop yield upto 10%

Increases crop productivity

With AgriModule your farm can turn into a strong philanthropist super hero that

Who Are We?

A bunch of innovative engineers, agronomists, designers and developers passionate about good food working hard with a vision to make technology accessable even for the remotest farmer in the world to produce organic and healthy food in a resource efficient manner. The team is headed by Mr. Swathish Bellam Ravi and Mr. Carlos Rosas.

Our Partners

This project is funded by KATANA (Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sector, Horizon 2020 project No. 691478), under the funding framework of the European Commission"